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Create your own individual B-Step colour theme with the B-ColourStyler or choose one of the preset styles. Be able to switch through your favourite ones quickly and easily.


To change a colour for a feature you can select it with the right hand buttons in the styler or you can pick up a colour from the main user interface by clicking a button or slider. Then you can use the left colour pad in the styler to change that colour.

Note: You don't have to change the colour of each of the many features. Some features share the same colour.
Note: To avoid confusion when you use B-Step and your new colour theme it is recommended to use unique colours for "MUTE", "SHUFFLE, SKIP", "EMPTY / NOT SET", "RUNNING" and "SOLO".

Colour Theme per Project

The colour theme is not simply a global setting, you can have a unique style for each project and this will be stored and restored with your project.
If you open an older B-Step project without colour information, the default colour theme will be used.

Default Theme

In the styler at the right bottom you can find the button "SET AS APP DEFAULT". This will set the theme you currently have as app default and will be used if a project doesn't have a colour theme or if you start a new project.

Copy & Paste Themes

To share your themes the most simple way is the "COPY" and "PASTE" button. This will copy the code for this theme and you can paste it where ever you like.

A colour code look like this:

To import a theme just copy this code and use the "PASTE" button in the styler. Done.

Load and Save

As usual you can load and save your colour themes from/to file - see Load / Save / Download Projects & other Data.

B-Step, a sequencer by Monoplugs.