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Snapshots and the Clipboard


The Clipboard

You can store any bar you like in one of the four clipboards for later use. To store a bar to the clipboard drag and drop it to one of the four clipboards on the right bottom. This will make a copy of your dropped bar. To copy the stored bar back to the sequence you do the same, but start the dragging from the clipboard icon.

The goal of the clipboard: you can define what you like to copy back from the stored bar. Just click on the clipboard and set up which data you need on a back copy. If you e.g. just need the enabled steps -> deselect all (push select all two times) and select “copy steps”, then drag and drop the stored bar to your target bar.

Tip: Mixing projects: store a bar or more to the clipboards and load another project - now you can simply import the stored bars to the other project.

Note: The clipboard will not be stored to disk, it is just temporarily stored in RAM, as with most other copy/paste functions on your computer!


If you like you can import and export bars with the load/save function on the clipboard editor to use it in this or other projects.

Note:: The whole bar will be imported and exported - whatever you have selected at the copy options!

B-Step, a sequencer by Monoplugs.