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Multidrag Feature

With B-Step’s powerful multidrag feature you can easily copy the state from one button/slider to its siblings, or copy a bar or step to any number of others, in one action!

Multidrag Usage


On mouse controlled systems by default you start a multidrag by dragging a button/slider with the right mouse button.

On touch controlled systems by default you start a multidrag by holding a button/slider longer than 750ms without moving your finger.

If you have started a multidrag all possible targets will be marked with a “T” label. Then you can drag your source “S” over the targets you want and this will immediately change the states of the targets.

Multidrag Settings


To optimize the multidrag handling you can adjust it to your needs.

- Multidrag Right Mouse: if disabled the multidrag feature will be on the left mouse and will be handled as on touch controlled systems.
- Multidrag Delay: defines the delay to start a multidrag. Default 750ms. (No effect if you use on right mouse)
- Multidrag Sensitivity: defines the x,y offset so that you can move your finger or mouse without disabling the multidrag start timer. (No effect if you use right mouse)

Special Drags

A bar drag will overwrite a target bar completely. If you would like to copy just a few bar settings have a look at the Clipboard Copy Feature.

Also you can multidrag steps in the top row (see The Runlight) - a source step will overwrite all settings of all layers in the target step!

B-Step, a sequencer by Monoplugs.