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Master and Slave (Standalone)

B-Step can be used as clock master or synced in slave mode to another master like a drum machine.



If you would like to run B-Step as the master, choose your slave device at “Master Output (to Synth) Ch/Port” and push the play button on the main user interface. B-Step will send MIDI start, stop, continue and clock to the slave. A second device can be connected to “Second Out” - this device will be fed with the same data as the Master Out.


To run B-Step in slave mode you have to select your clock master device (e.g. your drum machine or DAW) at “Receive Channel/Port”. If B-Step receives a clock at this port then B-Step stops generating its own clock and waits for MIDI start, stop, continue and clock. All other events will be ignored on this port or you can optionally forward it (see Sync/Clock Thru, MIDI Thru).

Sync/Clock Thru

When B-Step is running in slave mode you can forward the received sync events (Start, Stop, Continue, Clock) to the outputs (Master Out, Second Out, Group 2,3 & 4). Just enable “MIDI Sync Thru”.

NOTE: B-Step also forwards the events in master mode but removes any other clock event.


Similar to Sync/Clock Thru, but if enabled B-Step forwards all other events like MIDI notes, CC, PC etc.

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