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Bar Selection and Bar Copy


Click on the bottom beige button for selecting the bar you want to edit. There are 16 bars.

If you add steps to a new bar it will auto-chain. The blue “N” marker shows the next bar in the chain. The red “-” marker shows the bars that are in the chain.

You can copy bars via drag and drop. If you want to reset a bar quickly, just take an empty bar, if still available, and drop on a non-empty bar. Otherwise use the rubber tool.

Create an interesting bar, copy, modify. Repeat for the next bars. Enjoy and drink enough 4°C water, or whisky.

Note: If you would like to add an empty bar to the chain use the Force Bar 2 Chain feature on Layer B (4th).
Note: If you are using a Novation Launchpad you can use the copy feature too (see Novation Launchpad).

Layer Note: The bar selection button row is on each layer available and always has the same functionality.

Note: You can browse through the bars with the cursor left and right keys or by F1 to F16 or number keys.

B-Step, a sequencer by Monoplugs.