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Layer SEQ (4th) - Bar Playback & Sequences

On the B layer you have a bunch of features to get away from the linear bar by bar playback.


Play Reverse

Simply starts the playback of this bar at step 16 and will reverse play to step 1. All other playback features in this bar will also be inverted (see Layer BAR).

<< Steps >> - Move your steps in the bar around

You can move the steps of your bar - this only moves the step trigger points and not its settings over the layers. Turn around.

- Scale: -15 to + 15

Force Bar 2 Chain

Add an empty bar to the chain. Will add a “-” label to its Bar Selection button.

Restart Sequence

Similar to Restart Position inside a bar, but for a bar in the sequence. Adds a “<<” label to its Bar Selection button.

Bar Skip

Explicitly exclude a bar from the chain. Adds an “S” label to its Bar Selection button.

B-Step, a sequencer by Monoplugs.