B-Step Sequencer 2 - Standalone, VST & AudioUnit

Ideal for creating

  • Melodies
  • Arpeggios
  • Groovy Basslines
  • Chord Progressions
  • Experimental Things

Key Features

  • Chord based programming
  • Sequencer Ratcheting
  • Advanced swing functionality
  • Keeps complex things simple
  • Powerful Drag'n'Drop editing


  • Live approved
  • Novation Launchpad support
  • Advanced MIDI learn modes
  • ...much more

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What's new in B-Step 2?

We kept the B-Step 1 base and built a lot of exciting stuff on top of that.

For the right groove in your set, we have added an advanced shuffle mode. Now you can add the shuffle modifications to every second 16th, 8th or 4th. You can modify the timing, velocity and duration of the notes in the shuffle grid.

Step Sequencer Chord Editor

To fill the pattern, you can use the Sequencer Ratcheting features (Step Repeats). This is ideal when you want to create drum rolls, arpeggios or experimental stuff.

Different measurements? Sure! You can reduce the pattern length down to 1/16th or increase the length by adding some Non-Linear Playback features.

Polyphony: control up to 4 synthesizers independently with one instance of B-Step. Just split it into 4 sequence groups and share the things you like between.

Scales? We have that covered also. You can fill the chords randomly with notes from scales.

And that's only the major things! Just try it out. Download your free trial version.


How to make an arpeggio with B-Step Sequecer

B-Step Sequencer Trailer

Novation Launchpad Sequencer


Step Sequencer

Step Sequencer MIDI Controller learn

Step Sequencer MIDI routing

Features, Specifications, MIDI


- Revolutionary Sequencer Ratcheting.
- Shuffle/Swing.
- Monophon and Polyphon playback modes.
- Random chords from scales (12 scales included).
- 5x6 chords per project.
- Clean and simple user interface.
- Advanced Drag'n'Drop.
- Pattern snapshots.
- Pattern auto chaining or define sequences manual.
- Runs in background.
- Advanced pattern and sequence playback features.
- Pattern reverse playback.
- Measurements by default 4/4th (possible from 1/16th to much more than 4/4th).
- Step probability.
- Send Control and Program Changes at each step.
- Rubber tool.
- Embedded manual shortcuts.


- Native Novation Launchpad support.
- Advanced MIDI learn.
- Sends feedback to your MIDI controllers.

Data Handling:

- Auto restore of your MIDI connections.
- Auto save and load of your last session (project, controllers, settings).
- Im- and export of your projects, pattern snapshots, MIDI controller maps and chord sets.


- 16th step resolution (with micro timing up to 1/96th).
- 4 tracks (separable in up to 4x4 tracks).
- 16 pattern.
- Up to 4 independent sequencers in one.
- MIDI Clock master (up to 400 BPM) or slave.
- 5x MIDI out to control up to 5 hard- or software synthesizers (4x independent).
- 1x MIDI in for sync to another master.
- MIDI thru.
- MIDI clock/sync thru.
- 1x In and Out to connect your MIDI controller (feedback supported).
- 2x In and Out to connect your Novation Launchpad(s).


- Alsa, Virtual Ports (Linux, Raspberry Pi).
- WinMM (Windows).
- CoreMIDI, Virtual Ports, Network MIDI (Mac, iOS).
- USB MIDI (Android)


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How to buy for PC

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How to buy for Mobile

Please download and evaluate B-Step Sequencer before purchasing. All purchases are final.

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More samples you can find in the User Manual.

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