Basslines! Arpeggios! Drum Patterns!

The harmonic music step sequencer to create melodies, arpeggios, drumsets, and basslines on the fly.

User Interface of B-Step Sequencer the VST step sequencer plugin
User Interface of B-Step Sequencer the VST step sequencer plugin

Simplicity and Complexity fused into one Music Composing Tool

B-Step offers you several possibilities that you can use to solve standard things in more than one way.


Whether monophonic or polyphonic, chord based programming keeps your focus only on finding the right sequence.


1-5-3 or 1-3-5? No problem, B-Step Sequencer makes it easy to find the harmony for your next song.


B-Step offers you several possibilities that you can solve standard things on more than one way.

Plugin, Standalone, Tablet

Available for Mac OS X, Windows & Linux, Raspberry, iPad, Android as Standalone, VST and AudioUnit (AU) plugin.

Highlights of B-Step Sequencer

B-Step Sequencer is designed for live usage, jam sessions, and studio productions.

Melodic, Harmonic and Groovy

B-Step protects you from errors.

  • Just select or load a few matching chords for your project an keep forced in harmony
  • Create a whole sequence with just one step repeat and a hidden note-find-filter
  • Quick arrangement by repeating bars or parts of a pattern multiple times
  • With B-Step's shuffle feature you get the right groove for your piece
  • Octave offsets per step-, per bar- or track keeps you session varied

Live - Usage

Whenever touch-, mouse- or MIDI remote control, you'll feel at home.

  • Copy a bar or anything else multiple times in a simple single multi drag action
  • Pattern clipboards allows you to reuse a pattern with different or same settings
  • Special support for one or two Novation launchpads (1st gen, update in progress)
  • Whatever you want either it is light day or night - customize the user interface to your needs

Sequencer Gear Overview

B-Step Sequencer is a powerful music step sequencer for professionals and newcomers.

User Interface of B-Step Sequencer the VST step sequencer plugin
User Interface of B-Step Sequencer the VST step sequencer plugin

Sequencer Features

  • shuffle / swing with optional volume dumping
  • sequencer ratcheting or step repeats
  • monophonic and polyphonic playback modes
  • pattern auto chaining
  • reverse playback
  • different note measurements
  • step probability
  • pattern position modifying
  • partial bar repeats
  • send control and program changes at each step
  • random chords from scales
  • 16 pattern with 4 tracks and 16 steps
  • split it in up to 4 sub sequencers

User Interface

  • free scalable (desktop PCs)
  • 10 finger multi-touch support
  • clean, purisic and customizable colors
  • embedded and online user manual (Pdf in progress)
  • multi-copy dragging
  • clipboard for pattern snapshots


  • VST, AU MIDI FX (Logic only), Standalone
  • Windows XP+, Mac 10.5+, Linux
  • iOS 7.0+, Android 3.2+
  • Raspberry Pi
  • MIDI In, MIDI Out
  • virtual port support (Linux & Mac)

Data Management

  • auto save/load last session
  • import/export of your projects etc. via mail or text
  • download projects from our repository

MIDI Controller

  • Native Novation Launchpad support (for up to two Launchpads)
  • Advanced MIDI mapping

MIDI Specification

  • clock master (up to 400 BPM)
  • clock slave mode
  • 5x MIDI OUT to control up to 5 hardware or software synthesizers
  • 1x MIDI IN for sync to another master
  • 1x IN & OUT for MIDI remote controller
  • 2x IN & OUT for Novation Launchpad
  • MIDI clock thru and other routing options

Fair Trade - test first and buy whenever you Like

B-Step Sequencer comes in a Demo version that you can test indefinitely!

Demo Version

  • Test all sequencer features
  • Limit: no saving
  • Limit: no data im- & export


Free Download

Pro Version

  • Everything In Demo, Including:
  • Free lifetime support
  • Load and Save all your settings, projects, chord sets and color themes
  • Im- & export of projects and other data
  • Download free presets from our server


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VST, Standalone, 32bit, 64Bit. Windows XP+



VST, Standalone, Audio Unit (MIDI FX) , 32bit (Intel), 64Bit (Intel), Mac OS 10.5+



VST (native), Standalone, 32bit, 64Bit



Standalone, Pi V1+



iOS 7.0+

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Display > 7'', OS 3.2+

Download on Google Play
  • IMHO B-Step, in combination with a multitouch display, is the first virtual drum sequencer with a real device feel.

    Pascal / Syngularity

  • Your B-step Sequencer 2 is really great - minimal and clean - lovely work.


  • I have installed the new version, and first of all I'm impressed with the stunning look of it !! Good job !!


  • Excellent sequencer, love the ergonomics and some brilliant features that I've only seen in Sonic Bytes' ERA.